Privacy Policy

All photographs and footage are and shall remain the sole intellectual property of the Tiffany Chi Photography in accordance with Copyright Laws, even after full payment by Client and distribution to Client. The Client hereby waives any rights to intellectual property ownership, monetization, or reproduction of the images and footage created by the Photographer, with exception of the terms of any formal written releases provided to the Client by the Photographer.

This grants the Photographer the right to reproduce, distribute, and use all images and footage from the Session(s) detailed in this contract without restriction for advertising, portfolios, and other lawful purposes. The Client waives the right to inspect any images produced using the images or footage from the events in this contract, and the right to restrict the use of the images or footage from the listed events by the Photographer.

Client expressly agrees to release to Photographer any personal or proprietary interest in the photographic materials that result from the session, and agrees that Photographer may showcase, sell, or otherwise distribute photographic materials from the session, including those depicting Client.